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Our Prices By Service

We operate a mixture of free and paid for services

Driver Advice Services

Driver advice services are always free regardless of your income.

If you are a driver of a taxi, private hire vehicle, bus/DRT or pedal powered transport provider, we will help by listening to you when you tell us what has happened and by giving you clear information on what choices you have to try to solve any problems.
If you agree, we will use the information you provide to build a picture of how we can all work together more effectively to solve issues.

Consultancy, Investigation, Legal Assistance and Policy Development

Services are charged at an hourly rate depending on type. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

We are able to offer fixed price quotations for investigation, mediation and legal services.

If you are a driver or PPT provider and cannot afford to pay for on-going investigation and legal services, we will assess your needs. In some cases we will be able to provide these services to you free of charge or on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis.

We will never charge you until we have discussed costs and agreed a signed contract.

You are under no obligation to pay for any of our services by using our free advice service.


ICO Registered

Unified Transport Systems is a trading name of SymsRudd Limited, a specialist transport consultancy, registered number 09748262.
Our ICO registration number is: ZA137985 Further information: www.ico.org.uk
SymsRudd Limited is a private limited company.